Dyckerhoff contributes to construction of new Berlin airport

Dyckerhoff contributes to construction of new Berlin airport
15 June 2010

Dyckerhoff is making a significant contribution for the construction of the new Berlin Brandenburg International airport (BBI).

Every day, two trains loaded with approximately 3000t of cement leave the Deuna plant in Thuringen for the 300 km journey to the BeckeBau concrete plant - a partner of the Strabag construction company - at the building site. The cement is delivered to the site on a railway line that is also used to transport other aggregates, including kerosene for the old Schönefeld airport. The Deuna plant was able to win the contract because of its long experience of transporting cement by rail (over 15 years).

Upon completion of the airport we will have delivered approximately 500,000 tons of cement, over half of which supplied in 2009. Dyckerhoff products are used to build the above and below ground structures. For example, the new terminal will be built using Dyckerhoff HOZ Doppel LH/NA (low-alkaline CEM III/A 42,5 N), while Dyckerhoff PZ Doppel sd (CEM I 42,5 N for road surfaces) will be used for the runways.

BBI is one of the largest traffic infrastructure projects currently underway in Europe. Ground was broken on 5 September 2006 and the airport is scheduled to open at the end of October 2011. This new structure will replace the other airports in Berlin which are currently operating at the limits of their capacity.
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