New order for Shade, Indonesia

New order for Shade, Indonesia
06 April 2010

The contract for the plant extension projects of PT Semen Tuban and PT Semen Tonasa was signed on June 25th 2009 in Jakarta.

Participants of the signing ceremony for the two new raw material lines were the involved companies ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik and Schade Lagertechnik as well as the holding company PT Semen Gresik.

Schade joined the Aumund Group and all advantages of its global network in 2001. The large support of the international subsidiaries ensured that SCHADE could establish itself to a worldwide leading manufacturer of stockyard equipment.

The existing lines of PT Semen Tonasa, which are located in South Sulawesi, already have a combined capacity of 3.5Mta. The new fifth line, with an aimed capacity of 2.5Mta is expected to start operation in 2012. In this project Schade Lagertechnik will deliver the entire stockyard equipment for the pre-blending limestone storage, the corrective and additive storages as well as for their clay storage. Within the scope of supply is also one moveable and reversible conveyor with a capacity of 2.800tph.

The clay storage will be fed by a shuttle conveyor with a capacity of 750tph. The material is stored in a trough of 8m depth by using the well known windrow stacking method utilizing a traveling bridge stacker. The clay storage can be discharged by a bucket chain reclaimer with a capacity of 300tph.

The corrective storage, which includes sand and iron ore, is fed by a discharge tripper car. Reclaiming of the stored material is realized by a cantilever scraper reclaimer. Because of comparable material properties, the same combination of machinery can be applied for the additive storage.

The plant extension for PT Semen Tuban does not require a separate clay storage. Instead, a limestone and clay pre-blending mix storage will be installed. The material will be fed with 3000tph by a discharge tripped car which operates with a fixed belt conveyor system right below its discharge. The bridge type scraper reclaimer for the mix bed storage will have a reclaiming capacity of 1200tph.
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