Venture to move CCS forward in Spain

Venture to move CCS forward in Spain
08 February 2010

The Cement Manufacturers Association of Spain (Oficemen) and the City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) have signed a cooperation agreement to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technologies within the cement industry.

The City of Energy Foundation (CIUDEN) is a public organisation created to enhance the economic and social development of the Spanish region of El Bierzo (León) by implementing energy and environment-related projects and research initiatives.

Cement manufacturing is one of the most polluting industries due to its carbon-intensive production process.

Under this agreement between CIUDEN and Oficemen, the Spanish cement industry and CIUDEN will jointly undertake the construction of CCS demonstration plants that are key to acquiring experience of CO2 capture processes.

To achieve this, Oficemen and CIUDEN will create a global partnership program aimed at promoting CCS research and technical development, technical training and knowledge dissemination initiatives. Bellona welcomes this agreement as the high CO2 concentration in flue gases from cement factories makes them a promising candidate for cost-efficient CCS.
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