Carib cement seeks new dumping measures

Carib cement seeks new dumping measures
05 August 2009

Carib Cement Company (CCCL) is once again seeking to have antidumping measures imposed on competing imports. The company is relying heavily on its parent, Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL), and overseas markets, to take up output and maintain operating performance as its domestic market share continues to fall to competition from cheaper imports.

"We will seek legal redress with regard to "unfair competition", said the company in its financial statements.

Carib’s marketing manager Alice Hyde said the company is pursuing an antidumping case as it did in the past against a country from which cement is currently being imported, but declined to offer details citing the ongoing legal process.

According to a reliable industry source, the cement being targeted by CCCL in its bid to see further antidumping measures put in place, originates in China.

Dumping refers to product being sold into a market at prices below cost. Over the years, CCCL has won three antidumping cases after which the Jamaican Government slapped heavy duties on cement imported from Thailand, Indonesia and China.

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