Cement producers issue petition

Cement producers issue petition
25 June 2009

Kenyan Cement manufacturers have raised the red flag over the influx of cheaply imported cement that is flooding the local market.

The producers are now calling on the government to increase import duty from 25 per cent to 35per cent to safeguard the local manufacturing sector from folding up. 

The reduction of import duty on cement to 25 per cent from 40 per cent has negatively affected local
cement producers sounding a death knell for the flourishing industry.

The manufacturers have petitioned the government to reduce duty rates  by 5 per cent from the current 25 to accord appropriate protection to the industry.

Import duty for cement within the EAC now stands at 25 per cent, meaning that the ground has been levelled for both local and foreign players.

The sector is now urging the government to raise excise duty on imported cement to help them compete favorably due to the high cost of production in the country.

The cement industry in the country has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last few years, stimulated by high Individual Home Builder demand and growth in the contractor segment.
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