Cemex increases use of waste fuel, UK

Cemex increases use of waste fuel,  UK
19 May 2009

Cemex has replaced 74% of the fuel used to heat its cement kiln at a North Lincolnshire plant with fuels made from wastes, according to reports from Contract Journal.

The alternative fuels used at South Ferriby Cement Plant are Secondary Liquid Fuels (SLF) made from industrial liquid wastes that cannot be recycled, such as paint, thinners, inks and varnishes, and Climafuel which is made from household residual and commercial waste that would otherwise go to landfill.

The 74% achieved by South Ferriby is a record for the plant. According to the British Cement Association’s BCA Performance Report, the 2007 level of replacement of fossil fuels among member companies reached 19.4%.

Emissions at the plant, such as oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, have declined by 20% and 43% respectively since alternative fuels were introduced in 2002.
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