Arawak lobbying B’dos Govt

Arawak lobbying B’dos Govt
14 May 2009

Barbados Prime Minister was on a recent familiarisation tour to the Arawak Cement Company based in St Lucy and was welcomed by Chairman Jeffrey Mc Farlane and other board members, management and staff.

TCL Group CEO Rollin Bertrand used the opportunity to highlight some of the issues of the company to lobby Government assistance and support for initiatives it plans to launch, including a proposal to burn used tyres as an alternative fuel to reduce the company’s energy bill while protecting the environment, and the designation of Arawak Cement’s jetty facility as an official port.

“Tyre burning is something that Arawak Cement can do to really help with the disposal of used tyres. It is done all over the world and we wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel,” he said, noting that this was done in the US under a Clean Air Act which addresses environmentally friendly technology.

In terms of an official port of call, he said this was important because all of the cement vessels have to go through the Bridgetown Port, which sometimes creates delays that affect the cement plant’s competitiveness.
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