Cement supplies low in Guam

Cement supplies low in Guam
16 March 2009

Construction crews might have a tough time getting the cement they need now that Guam is facing a cement shortage for the next several days, according to reports from the Pacific News Center.

Staff at a leading cement supplier on the island, Perez Brothers Incorporated, say cement supplies are low for now due to high demand and the limited amount of cement that can be brought to Guam on ships. Perez Brothers has reserved its remaining supply of concrete for specific customers, meaning some buyers may have to wait for the next shipment, which is expected to arrive on the 19th.

The company’s staff says it has also run out of concrete blocks but is assuring customers that more are on the way. The company’s staff adds the shortage is troubling because demand for concrete tends to be higher at this time of the year after the end of the wet season.

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