Safety milestone at Hope cement works, UK

Safety milestone at Hope cement works, UK
03 March 2009

Lafarge Cement’s Hope Works team of around 200 people is keeping its sights set on safety and has reached a significant milestone to prove it. ”The Works has achieved 1,000 days without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) – an injury that prevents an employee or contractor returning to work the next day.Hope Works manager Ashley Bryan said:

"The safety of all employees, contractors and visitors is our top priority. I am pleased we have reached this milestone – all credit to the team here – and I encourage everyone to continue with this focus and ensure we all work safely every day."Using risk assessment and safe working procedures to challenge the way we do things helps keep us all on the ball and avoid unnecessary risks. And of course we have strict safety policies in place.

“Now we must continue with this resolute attention to safety so we can look ahead to our next target milestone – three years without an LTI on this site."

The milestone has been reached while major changes and upgrades have been ongoing at the site including a major rail development project to move more of its product from road to rail and the demolition of its former office base and its removal to another part of the site.

Source: Buxton Advertiser

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