Cheaper cement from Monday, Malaysia

Cheaper cement from Monday, Malaysia
02 March 2009

Cement Industries (Sabah) Sdn Bhd announced Friday that the price of cement will be reduced by RM10/t for the East Coast and RM5 for the West Coast, effective Monday.

CIS General Manager, Yong Haw Ngen, said it acknowledged the representation of various organisations with regard to the appeal for cement price reduction.

He said the price reduction was part of CIS’ contribution to alleviate the difficulties faced by the business community as well as individuals during this current economic condition.

He said CIS has the capacity to produce 850,000tpa of cement and the price reduction would not affect its profit.

"We are able to reduce the price due to the lower fuel prices. As a responsible corporate citizen, CIS will always try to help relieve the hardship of the people, especially during the present economic crisis," he said.

He said any further reduction of the price of cement would depend on the costs of raw materials that are sourced from overseas.

"We will certainly reduce it further if the prices of raw materials decrease," he said.

He said CIS produces 70,000t of cement monthly and assured that there is no shortage of cement in the State.

"If demand is above 70,000t, we will import from other countries to meet the demand here," he said.
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