Dominican cement makers reject official’s pledge to allow imports

Dominican cement makers reject official’s pledge to allow imports
12 February 2009

The Dominican cement makers grouped in ADOCEM rebuked the Industry and Commerce Minister’s recent announcement that imports of the product would be allowed to force prices down.

ADOCEM president Huáscar Rodriguez said the Dominican cement industry has been always open to local and international competition, supporting free enterprise. “The cement market is totally open in Dominican Republic. Whosoever is interested in joining it as a local producer or importer can participate fairly and ethically within the laws that are applied to competition."

He said the country’s cement industry has products of the highest quality at competitive prices in the region, generating an important economic contribution to the country, and maintaining around 4,500 direct jobs, as well as important contributions to tax revenues and currency income.

Rodriguez said producers have invested more than 1.0 billion dollars, which has made their industry a  major importer, becoming self-sufficient and exporting approximately 30% of its production. "This generates a positive impact on the country’s trade balance of nearly 200 million dollars, approximately 5% of Dominican Republic’s current account deficit."

Early last week Industry and Commerce minister Ramon Fadul said cement imports would be authorized to force down prices.
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