Pakistan seeks alternative export markets

Pakistan seeks alternative export markets
09 February 2009

The Pakistan cement industry is seeking an alternate export market other than India, as it has not exempted the import duty on Pakistani cement, which is damaging the exports of the sector, DG Cement sources told this here on Tuesday.

Pakistan’s cement industry has now decided to completely abandon the cement exports to India citing an unfavourable business environment. Exports to India during January 2009 were recorded significantly lower at 10,000t, due to the import duty on cement, which has made the imported cement unattractive in Indian market, industry sources said.

Trade of the commodity between the two countries has also been significantly affected following the Mumbai attacks hampering the relations between the two countries.

However, overall Pakistan cement exports continue to depict a healthy growth registering 784,000t during the month –  a rise of 26 per cent YoY. While, cumulative exports for the first seven months period (July-January 2009) also witnessed a significant upsurge of 62 per cent to 5.87Mt versus 3.62Mt in the same period last year.

On monthly basis cement exports registered a growth of 26 per cent.

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