Bangladesh Chhatak Cement ready for exports to Assam

Bangladesh Chhatak Cement ready for exports to Assam
01 December 2008

Production at Chhatak Cement Company has been increased and the company is not only meeting local demands but is set to export cement to the Indian state of Assam soon.

’Sylhet Mart’, a local business firm will export cement produced in Chhatak Cement factory.

Officials sources said that the factory is producing quality cement using modern equipments and following special process.

The production target of the factory this year has been fixed at 1.50 lakh metric tons as demand of cement increased both at home and abroad, they said.

They further said "We will have to ensure the quality of our product to face the challenges in the competitive market."

The Chhatak Cement Company Limited, an enterprise of the Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC), was established on 254.87 acres of land in 1937 in Chhatak.

The factory is also producing sulphate resistant cement for using in constructing underground structure as well as in the seashore. The annual capacity of the factory has increased at 2.33 lakh metric tons after BMRI from 1.35 lakh metric tons in 2000 year. It has produced 1.87 lakh metric tons in 2003-04, the highest production in the factory.
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