First Trelleborg Scirocco II System for Australia

First Trelleborg Scirocco II System for Australia
14 October 2008

Trelleborg Engineered Systems Australia are pleased to announce that they have received the first order for Scirocco II Fluidising Hose in Australia.

Blue Circle Southern Cement, Berrima Works, have placed an order for a 27m Scirocco II system comprising 3 flanged Scirocco II hoses, associated air controllers, and pre fluidising equipment. The 100mm diameter system will be manufactured to specific requirements of Blue Circle Southern Cement, suiting the exact needs on site.

Scirocco II is an exciting development in the Powder Handling Industry and was selected by Blue Circle Southern Cement due to;

    • Flexibility of the rubber hose (100mm hose has a bending radius of 800mm)
    • Anticipated reduction in energy costs
    • Lack of requirements for maintenance
    • Ease of installation
    • Low level of support structures and building modifications required.

Using small feed channels within the Scirocco II hose, small quantities of air are used to maintain the fluidisation of cement through the system. Scirocco II can be used on any dry fluidisable powder and lends itself well to materials such as cement, flyash, and illmentite.

Trelleborg has operations in over 40 countries and has been manufacturing and marketing Scirocco II in Europe for over 10 years. With hundreds of systems now installed, Scirocco II is becoming the system of choice when it comes to gravity fed dry bulk systems. With hose diameters up to 250mm which are capable of up to 350tph of cement, using extremely low volumes of air, Trelleborg are confident that Scirocco II will become the choice of many operations in Australia.
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