Water cooling paves way for Garadagh Cement, Azerbaijan

Water cooling paves way for Garadagh Cement, Azerbaijan
03 October 2008

Stadco Cooling one of Europe’s leading suppliers of standard and bespoke industrial water cooling systems has recently exported two water cooling systems to Garadagh Cement OJSC, Azerbaijan.

These Air Blast Radiators are cooling air compressors used in cement production at its plant in Baku.  Currently Garadagh Cement OJSC produces cement through four kilns, with a production capability of 1,300,000 tonnes. Construction of a new Dry Kiln No.6 project is in progress as a result of which production capability will reach up to yearly 1.8Mt.

The systems, capable of dissipating 175 kW when cooling 10.7 m³/hr water from 49ºC to 35ºC, in a design ambient of 30ºC dry bulb were fitted with three 2.2 kW fans drawing air over aluminium finned copper tubes and three digital fan control thermostats with local isolators.  The order also included two very reliable and high-performance sealed pump modules and two electrical control panels. 
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