Russian cement producers call for 30% import duty

Russian cement producers call for 30% import duty
21 August 2008

Interfax reported that Russian Cement industry lobby Soyuztsement has asked the government’s foreign trade and customs tariff policy commission to impose a temporary import duty of 30% on cement. Soyuztsement also asked the government to take steps to tighten control over certification of on the domestic market and the quality of imported cement.

Mr Viktor Zubkov first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in a letter to the commission’s chairman, the industry group asked the government to protect Russian producers from a steep increase in cement imports from Turkey, China and other countries.

The letter states that "The union of cement producers asks the Russian government to consider the issue of introducing temporary customs duties on imported cement in the amount of 30%, providing Russian companies with the profitability needed to implement projects to launch new capacity for a period of 5 to 7 years with subsequent monitoring and possible adjustment."

According to the letter the government’s decision in December 2007 to temporarily lift import duties on cement has led to a steep increase in imports, the union said. Cement imports surged 19 fold YoY to 4.568Mt in the first half of 2007 and imports’ share of the market increased to 15% from just 0.9% a year earlier.
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