Pakistan’s private sector facilitated to export bulk cement

Pakistan’s private sector facilitated to export bulk cement
11 July 2008

The Karachi Port Trust, as part of its landlord port strategy, has facilitated the private sector to export bulk cement.
The bulk cement exporters would directly pump and load bulk cement in ships, according to KPT sources.
Thirty bulkers, having a maximum loading capacity of 6000tpd, commenced operations from Karachi Port. The port provides a platform to cement manufacturers to export cement to global markets in a cost-effective manner to meet the increasing demands world over.
Globally the export share of lose, and bulk cement is 85 per cent and is mainly exported to countries in the Red Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, South Africa and West Africa.
Port sources expected that cement manufacturers would be able to export 1.8Mt of cement per month and the KPT would be able to earn Rs72 million per month in wharfage from cement exports.
The bulk cement export will also get a boost from Pakistan due to a reduction in the turn-around time of a 20,000 tons capacity vessel. As compared to bagged cement exports, the bulk cement exports using bulkers would reduce the loading time from three to four days.
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