Belarus raises cement prices

Belarus raises cement prices
09 April 2008

Belarus has raised cement prices and reduced trade discounts in accordance with resolution #68 of the Economy Ministry dated March 24.  
Traders now charge corporate entities 19,870 Belarusian rubles (Br) and individuals 20,860 rubles per a 50kg bag of 400-D20 cement, up 33% from the previous price effective before April 1, and the price of the most expensive type, 500-D0, rose 38% to 21,460 rubles and 22,530 rubles per a 50kg bag for corporate and individual buyers, respectively.  
Also, the government demanded that traders cut their discounts on cement to 12%-17% from 18%-23%. Buyers representing consumer cooperation societies may enjoy discounts between 16% and 21%.
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