Cement export trends alter in Uzbekistan

Cement export trends alter in Uzbekistan
02 January 2008

Over 140,000 tonnes of cement was sold through the exchange trades since the beginning of the year. This exceeds the sales of the same period of the previous year 4 and a half times times, UzEX said.  
The main buyers of Uzbek cement this year are Kazakh construction companies. Their share in the total exports of the construction material made up 80 per cent. At the same time, the structure of export supplies of domestic cement has all the chance of observing the change in the leader or gaining a new large market player.  
Thus, the increased demand for cement in the Russian Federation forces Russian companies to find additional new suppliers. Today they are considering Uzbekistan as one of such potential suppliers. In late November this year, UzEX sold the first large consignment (1,000t) to Bashkiria.  
According to traders and the representatives of domestic cement plants, today requests for the delivery of cement from Russian construction companies are not something unusual. Moreover the traders are observing a stable increase in the number of such requests.  
As for the situation about the export sales of cement through the exchange, today it can be viewed as positive for consumers. The prices for the most popular brand, PC400 D-20, are falling due to seasonal decline in the construction market. 
After the peaking at US$150 a tonne in July, today’s prices have fallen to US$96-97 a tonne, and continue to fall. Experts nevertheless are not risking to forecast their behaviour even for the coming two weeks.  
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