Cement importer hit for its clearance failures

Cement importer hit for its clearance failures
23 November 2007

A consumer advocate has scored an importer of cement for allegedly defying laws on importation, and product quality and standards into the Philippines Maria Lourdes Casas Quezon, a member and former chairperson of the National Women’s Club (NWC), said a Subic-based construction firm, Hanjin Heavy Industries Construction, has imported cement for its shipyard project in Zambales.

The company has not secured an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), she said. An ICC is required before imported cement could be used for any construction project.

A sampling conducted by DTI personnel on the imported cement showed that the cement imported by Hanjin did not pass the test for mandatory quality standards required by the DTI.

The cement, consisting of a 5994t shipment in bags, arrived from China at the Subic Freeport on Aug. 17, 2007

Madam Quezon disagreed with a Subic Free Port official who had claimed that Subic is not subject to the law on Philippine product standard because it is a free port. She said that "Subic is undeniably part of Philippine territory and must follow Philippine laws."
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