Belarusian cement plant steps up exports

Belarusian cement plant steps up exports
14 August 2007

The Belarusian Klimovichi cement plant boosted exports by 33.6% year-on-year in January through July 2007 to about $7.0 million.

The volume stood at 76,600 tonnes. Of the total exports, 95% went to Russia and 5.0% to Baltic states. For the period, the enterprise posted production of BR62.3 billion, a 12.1% gain over one year earlier. Cement output grew by 10.5% to 529,000 tonnes. The plant’s unit in Klimovichi made 59,900 tonnes of lime in the period, up 22.7%. The entire output was distributed on the

domestic market ($1.0 = BR2,146).

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