India seeks to import 5-10Mt of cement from Pakistan

India seeks to import 5-10Mt of cement from Pakistan
02 August 2007

India has agreed to accelerate cement import from Pakistan to fulfill its domestic demand, commerce secretaries of both the countries said Wednesday.

"We have scope of importing anywhere between 5Mt and 10Mt of cement from Pakistan," Indian Commerce Secretary GK Pillai told reporters after a press conference.

He said both countries are working on ways to transport cement from Pakistan to India.

Currently, a team from the Bureau of Indian Standards is visiting Pakistan’s cement companies and factories to assess the quality, Pillai said.

India will start importing cement from the companies which are up to BIS standard.

"We are also looking at third-party accreditation," Pillai said.

"Exporting cement to India is a very important for us as we have surplus and India needs cement to fulfill its demand for infrastructure growth," said Pakistan’s Commerce Secretary Syed Asif Shah.
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