Pakistan cement export to Afghanistan

Pakistan cement export to Afghanistan
07 June 2007

Cement industry of Pakistan is in the process of increasing its production capacity from 17.91Mta in 2005 to 48.88Mta by 2011.  
Upto April 2007 production capacity of cement industry has reached to the level of 32.60Mta which will further increase to 36.91Mt by the end of current financial year.  
It would be pertinent to mention here that most of the capacity expansion has been taken place in the provinces of Punjab and North West Frontier Province. Upto May 2007 the production capacity in these provinces are 27.1 1Mta which will further increase to 39.65Mta by the end of July 2011.  
Cement manufacturers of Pakistan has won the Afghanistan market after very hard competition and had earned valuable foreign exchange for the country by exporting cement to Afghanistan since 2001-2002. Following quantities have been exported to Afghanistan:  
Export of cement to Afghanistan has dropped drastically due to some restrictions imposed on the free movement of "Afghanistan Registered Trucks" east and south of Peshawar where cement factories are located since mid of March 2007.  
Availability of local trucks is very limited. Please note that since 2001 Afghanistan Registered Trucks have been transporting cement unhindered. Such restriction is not only affecting exports of cement to Afghanistan but we are also loosing much needed foreign exchange. Cement industry of Pakistan has huge surplus production capacity’ which could be exported without creating any shortage in the country.
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