New orders for FCT

New orders for FCT
30 May 2007

FCT ACTech Pty. Ltd., the Australian supplier of the Continuous On Stream Mineral Analyser (COSMA), announced this month that is has been contracted by Buzzi Unicem S.p.A., Italy’s second largest cement manufacturer, to supply two COSMA systems for plants in Guidonia, Italy, and Selma MO, USA.  This follows supply of the first COSMA system to Buzzi Unicem’s Trino plant in 2005.

COSMA, which is installed on-line in the plant, uses XRD and Rietveld analysis techniques to provide a complete mineral phase analysis of cement from the finish mill and crushed and ground clinker at the kiln or cooler continuously and in real time.  The trended mineralogical data produced by COSMA allows the plant operator or expert system to initiate automatic and timely control actions for true control of product quality and of the process in general.  COSMA thus delivers significant and quantifiable benefits in the form increased production, reduced costs and enhanced quality.

Following sales in Australia, Italy, USA and Canada, these latest sales are validating the benefits of COSMA for optimising the cement production process. The Managing Director of the FCT Group of Companies, Mr Constantino Manias, was delighted with the new contracts.  “This is a great outcome for FCT”, he said.  “We are particularly pleased to continue our excellent working relationship with Buzzi Unicem.  Buzzi Unicem is one of the world’s major cement manufacturers, and in purchasing these latest machines, they are making a big statement about COSMA.”

Buzzi Unicem’s Director of Process Technology and R&D Coordination, Mr Luigi Buzzi, also expressed his pleasure with the deal.  “We are looking forward to reaping the benefits that we have achieved from our Trino installation in Guidonia and Selma”, Mr Buzzi said.  “The future of cement process quality control lies in on-line, real time analysis with equipment such as COSMA, as there is a capital cost and operating cost advantage compared to automated laboratories, better reliability due to simpler equipment, and better data production as it is continuos and in real time allowing automated process control loops.  We have already had encouraging results controlling cement additives with COSMA, and we expect the same or better with these new installations.  Controlling the kiln should make an even more positive impact on plant productivity and product quality”. 
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