MCA forms body to monitor cement prices, Pakistan

MCA forms body to monitor cement prices, Pakistan
15 May 2007

The Monopoly Control Authority (MCA) is disappointed over the poor response of stakeholders in proving manipulation in the cement sector, which resulted in abrupt fluctuation in the cement prices. 
According to the MCA announcement on Monday, the authority had constituted a committee to look into the abrupt fluctuation in the cement price in March this year. 
The authority considered it relevant to involve the stakeholders in this exercise, as such it invited the views from stakeholders, consumers and the general public through a public notice published on April 7 in the national press. 
Requests for views were also sent to the consumer groups such as Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan, the Network for Consumer Protection, Contractors and Builders Association and Association of Builders and Developers among others, the MCA said. 
However, the response from the stakeholders was quite disappointing. MCA had issued reminders to the stakeholders to give their inputs/information about the factors that impact on the cement price fluctuation. 
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