National Cement Co. to start production by 2008

National Cement Co. to start production by 2008
30 April 2007

The National Cement Company of Yemen has announced that it will begin production by the year 2008, according to Ali Mohammed Saeed Anam, chairman of the board of the company. Technical and construction preparations for the NCC are

taking place in al-Msimer region in Lahij governorate.  This announcement came last Tuesday April 24 at the regular meeting of the General Association at the Social and Human Science College in Taiz. During the meeting, a closed annual budget was approved through December 2007.

“More than 95 per cent of the excavation work, 59 per cent of the concrete construction of the project, and 18 percent of manufacturing for the metal construction is done. It is expected that all preparations will be completed by the end of December 2007,” Anam said.  The company is built to cope with the national development needs, especially in the sectors of real estate investment and construction, which have seen an increase in development during the last decade in all the governorates of the country, as well as producing a surplus for export to the external markets.

National Company for Cement is a public shareholder company that has about 4000 shareholders from various social sectors, according to Khalid Ahmed Hail, technical supervisor of the project. The facility is estimated at a cost of US$200m, and has a production capacity of 1.6Mpa. More than 2000 workers from various construction and technical teams are working on this project.

It is expected that the company will provide more than 500 official job vacancies at the time of the actual production. The company is considered to be one of the most important strategic projects in the country.

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