Iranian cement prospects upbeat

Iranian cement prospects upbeat
19 April 2007

Iran’s cement industry will enjoy considerable growth this year with new projects set to increase total domestic production by 10Mt.

The Secretary of the Iranian Cement Employers Trade Union announced that new development projects will comence in several northern cities including Zanjan, Neka and Saveh.

In an interview with Fars News Agency Wednesday, Mohammad Hassan Pour-Khalil said the projects include the establishment of new plants and the setting up of new production lines in older plants to enhance their activities.

The Ministry of Industry and Mine (MIM) is also currently working with Iraq, Syria and Venezuela to construct cement plants in those countries.

The MIM affiliate, Ehdasse Sanat Corp., will complete within the next two years a project that will add 1Mta to Venezuela’s cement production capacity.

Iran produced over 32Mt of cement during its last calendar year which ended March 20.
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