BLI to undergo joint branding

BLI to undergo joint branding
12 April 2007

Buxton Lime Industries is taking a new name, Tarmac Buxton Lime and Cement, and linking with its owner Tarmac Ltd in a joint-branding drive.  
It’s not just a logo change. It means Buxton Lime and Cement can draw directly on the resources and reputation of Tarmac, the country’s largest heavy building materials supplier.  
And it’s a big vote of confidence from Tarmac in the well-respected reputation of the Buxton brand name and its workforce at Tunstead and Hindlow.  
"We are renowned in the building, environmental and manufacturing industries for quality and service," said Phil Richards, the company’s commercial director. 
"And that’s due to the people who work for us. With Tarmac supporting us, it’s going to be a very exciting time."  
Day-to-day for the workforce, it’s business as usual, aside from new branding on their work wear and on signage.  
But for Buxton Lime and Cement, it’s a whole new chapter in a long, distinguished history.  
It has been producing lime products for more than a century and cement since the 1960s.  
It supplies across the building trade and to industries such as steel, foods and chemicals. It’s also widely used for environmental work including the treatment of drinking water.  
Buxton Lime Industries has been part of Tarmac for six years. Tarmac is owned by Anglo American, the worldwide natural resources group.  
Tarmac has invested more than £100 million in the business already which included a new cement plant at Tunstead, shifting more distribution from local roads to railways, and spending on new product development.  
The joint branding is the next step in enabling Tarmac Buxton Lime and Cement to take a greater share of the market and raise its sales. It’s also timely that the growing importance of cement is reflected in the new trading name.  
The branding changeover will take effect from April. There will be minimal disruption to the workforce and customers.  
"We’re really looking forward to the next few months," Mr Richards added. "Our name and workforce, and Tarmac’s back-up, are an unbeatable combination." 
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