Cement importation seen to regulate price - Philippines

Cement importation seen to regulate price - Philippines
02 April 2007

Cement manufacturers would also experience the impact on the high prices of cement if they remain to be uncooperative with the government in regulating the price, said Baguio Representative Mauricio Domogan. 

Domogan said if the prices of cement remain to be excessive, manufacturers could lose the industry. 

"If the manufacturers do not cooperate, our alternative would be cement importation," Domogan said, adding that this could deprive manufacturers of their livelihood. 

Domogan was among the legislators who hit the alleged overpricing of cement and sought an investigation. A bag of cement is being sold at P190 as against P70 in 2004. 

The World Bank earlier reported that Philippines cement prices were among the highest in Asia, with a price of US$72/t, compared to US$35 in China, US$52 in India, US$49 in Malaysia and US$50 in Thailand. 

Manufacturers claimed the high cost of cement production is the major factor that dictates the retail price. 

But Domogan said Congress would create a technical committee to determine the production cost of the cement’s components to find out whether the justification of manufacturers has reasonable basis. The committee would also determine if the public is getting quality cement through the examination of its components. 

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