Cement policy takes effect December 2007

Cement policy takes effect December 2007
09 October 2006

Tapgun  said this in an  interview at the weekend in Abuja that by the end of next  year, Nigeria would be self-sufficient in the local production  of cement such that there would be no more importation  of the commodity. 

He said the shift in the date from Jan. 1, 2006 to December  2007, was necessitated by the fact that many of the cementcompanies in the country had embarked on expansion  programmes in their factories to increase their production  capacities.

“At the moment, cement factories are springing up all over  the country. Flour Mills is building a cement factory in Calabar, Ashaka, Ewekoro and Benue cement are all expanding. 

There is also WAPCO, Nkalagu and Ukpella .“There are a few others and we have told them that unless  they show proof that they are expanding into the development of  green fields, which is building the factory itself, no more licence  will be given to them to import cement,” the minister  said.

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