Pakistan posts record cement exports in August

Pakistan posts record cement exports in August
07 September 2006

The cement industry managed to export a total of 0.24 million tonnes, which represented the highest-ever export of cement in a single month.

Figures released by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers’ Association on Monday (Sept 04) showed growth of 26.2 per cent in exports during August over the July exports of 0.19 million tonnes. A.R. Thaplawala, executive director of Lucky Cement Company, claimed that his company had a share of 41 per cent in the exports, which stood at 97,210 tonnes. "We are exporting mainly to the Middle East and Afghanistan," Mr Thaplawala said.

Overall cement sales (local plus exports) increased by 26 per cent to 1.80 million tonnes for August, from 1.43 million tonnes in July. Local sales rose by 6.5 per cent to 1.51 million tonnes in August from 1.44 million tonnes in the earlier month. Sales growth was despite the slowdown in construction activity due to heavy monsoon rains. In comparison to the same month last year (Aug 2005), sales represented an increase of 19.3 per cent in Aug 2006.

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