Senate rejects cement probe

Senate rejects cement probe
24 July 2006

The Jamaican yesterday rejected a private member’s motion brought by the Opposition to appoint a Joint Select Committee of Parliament to examine the cement crisis. The rejection of the motion brought by Opposition Senator, Shirley Williams came after more than five hours of debate.

The motion is one of several attempts made by the Opposition to have the Industry and Commerce Minister, Phillip Paulwell held accountable for the release of faulty cement on the market, which in February resulted in a shortage of cement islandwide, the stoppage of several major construction projects and the loss of some 30,000 jobs in the construction sector.

Government Senator Trevor Munroe said he was satisfied with the steps taken by the minister in question to address the cement shortage with the eventual removal of the external tariffs on imported cement.

"Let us implement the recommendations of the investigation team on pages 69 to 71 and let us do that together, not score political points in the interest of the construction sector, of the economy, of the Jamaican workers and Jamaican people," he said.
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