Pelindo Joins Tonasa on cement shipment

Pelindo Joins Tonasa on cement shipment
17 July 2006

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III has been cooperating with PT Semen Tonasa to optimize the utilization of harbor of Celukan Bawang as the special harbor for cement as well as to meet the cement demand of 70,000 tons per annum in the area. 
Faris Assagaf, the Operation Director PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III, said that the company has signed agreement on the utilization of the special harbor of Celukan Bawang.  
The cooperation, he said, is also based on the synergy principles of state owned companies. The company decided to cooperate with Semen Tonasa this year.  
"The previous cooperation with PT Tonasa has been expired on May 31. We expand the cooperation to the next 20 years," he told Bisnis Indonesia yesterday. 
Faris explained that the minimum cement supply of Semen Tonasa at the market of Celukan Bawang was 5,500 per tons or more than 70,000 tons per annum.  
As the utilization of the special harbor has not been optimum, the cooperation was aimed at optimising the utilisation the harbor to load and upload other material. 
"Even we will also support the marketing network to the market of South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. In South Kalimantan we prepare the distribution point of Pulau Pisang Harbor as the location has the transportation network to Banjarmasin. In Central Kalimantan we prepare the distribution channel in Sampit Harbor."  
Faris said he did not remember how much the net profit the company could get from the cooperation. But he said at least the cooperation will be able to optimize the performance of the two companies.  
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