JLP warns of another cement crisis, Jamaica

JLP warns of another cement crisis, Jamaica
13 July 2006

The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is warning that the country could soon face another cement crisis.

JLP Spokesperson on Commerce, Senator Shirley Williams, says while there has been an ease in the cement shortage, indications are that demand will soon outstrip supply. She says over the next two to three months, another four major construction projects are to come on stream resulting in an even greater demand for cement.

According to Senator Williams, the government must take a more proactive role in the importation of cement. She notes that the government has imported cement from Cuba but says this is nowhere near the additional amount which the sector will require monthly for the rest of this year.

Recently the government has lowered the import duty from cement and invited the private sector to take up the slack. At least three companies have already imported several thousand tons of cement.
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