Cement company resumes deliveries

Cement company resumes deliveries
24 March 2006

The local construction industry received a lifeline yesterday as Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL) partially resumed deliveries of its core product. Yesterday’s resumption in deliveries of bulk cement commenced on a phased basis under stringent quality control measures with "projects of national importance" receiving priority. However, the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica (IMAJ) remained wary yesterday despite CCCL’s announcement. "The industry is dying for cement but we must be assured that whatever comes out is not substandard," stressed IMAJ Vice-President Raymond Cooper.

In a statement yesterday, CCCL revealed that all bulk trailers had been sampled and tested before being permitted to leave the plant. The cement company said its customers and the Bureau of Standards carried out collaborative testing of the product, as well as close inspection of concrete pours and striking of forms.

Additionally, CCCL announced that it should have received more than 3000t of cement last night from its cement partner, Cemex, which would be made available to customers on Monday. Also, in a bid to supplement local production and supply, CCCL is expecting two more shipments totalling 16,700t within a week’s time ­ one from Arawak Cement in Barbados and the other from Cemex. The embattled CCCL declared that it is also scheduled to receive imports of 14,000 tonnes of bulk cement per month from Cemex and 10,000 tons of bagged cement from Arawak for the next two months.

CCCL said it expects to increase the amount of bulk deliveries by next week. "The company expects to increase bulk deliveries by Monday ... and sales of bagged cement on Thursday, March 30."
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