Siam Cement Group prepares for change

Siam Cement Group prepares for change
18 January 2006

This year will be another milestone for SCC as members of the existing top management transfer control to a new generation of executives, the Bangkok Post reports.   Six top executives, including president Chumpol NaLamlieng, are set to retire for this year. Other departing executives are Dusit Nontanakorn, president of Cementhai Distribution Co; Chalaluck Bunnag, president of Cementhai Holding Co; Aviruth Wongbuddhapitak, president of Cementhai Property (2001) Plc; Apiporn Pasawat, president of Cementhai Chemical Co; and Somboon Chuchawal, president of Siam Pulp and Paper Plc.  
Kan Trakulhoon, a vice-president and chief financial officer, will succeed Mr Chumpol as president, while corporate planning director Roongrote Rangsiyopash, 42, will replace Mr Kan.  
Five other vice-presidents will move up to the presidencies of five core business groups: Cholanat Yanaranop, 46, at Cementhai Chemical; Chavalit Ekabut, 47, at Siam Pulp and Paper; Pichit Maipoom, 49, at Cementhai Building Product; Kajohndet Sangsuban, 52, at Cementhai Distribution; and Damri Tunshevavong, 52, as president of Cementhai Holding and responsible for Cementhai Property. 
Strategically, Mr Kan said, SCC would emphasise expanding abroad, particularly in Southeast Asia. "We believe we are strong enough to be a leader in our core businesses, especially in cement, building materials, pulp and paper."   Currently, Mr Kan said, SCC has around 80 consolidated subsidiaries and 50 joint ventures. The subsidiaries have 21,000 staff altogether, around 2,000 of whom work overseas. Combined with the joint ventures, the workforce reaches 35,000.  
It will also emphasise investment expansion overseas. It has invested three billion baht in establishing a cement plant in Cambodia and is interested in other Asean markets such as Vietnam.   "It is expected the number of our staff overseas will increase to around 5000 in the next five years from 2000 at present," said Mr Kan.  Published under Cement News