Cement truck drivers strike

Cement truck drivers strike
21 October 2005

Nearly 2000 South Korean cement truck drivers staged a partial walkout Friday to demand government subsidies and better job security.  Experts said the one-day walkout will have little impact on the construction industry, but warned it could cause serious transport havoc as it comes amid a prolonged strike by some 1600 other construction industry truck drivers since last Thursday. Nearly 20,000 unionized cargo truck drivers are also to walk off the job next week.

Police said they will try to prevent any striking truck drivers from entering the capital area. The government labeled Friday’s strike as illegal along with the strikes by
cargo truck and construction industry truck drivers, and said it will do everything to minimize the economic and social impact of the strikes.

The railroad authorities have already agreed to increase the number of cargo  trains to 675 a day from 620, while container ships will increase their port-to-port operations, the officials said.

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