Adelaide Brighton director buys

Adelaide Brighton director buys
17 October 2005

Adelaide Brighton director Duilio Barro directly and indirectly bought bought 120,089 ordinary shares worth A$240,178 on-market between October 10 and 11. The price was A$2. The director previously held 13,731,849 ordinary shares and now the director holds 13,851,938 ordinary shares.

Shareholders in AdBri have seen the value of A$1000 invested one year ago was A$1302, including a capital gain of A$245 and dividend of A$56.The total return to shareholders for one year is 30.17 per cent.
In the year to December 30, AdBri 2004 sales were A$683.35m, net profit after tax was A$82.66m and EPS was 15 cents.  Total assets were A$1.03bn, shareholders’ funds were A$610.61m and total debt was A$2.17m. 

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