ACC launches mobile concrete testing unit

ACC launches mobile concrete testing unit
04 August 2005

Associated Companies Ltd (ACC) has announced the launch of `Grihamitra’, a unique mobile concrete testing unit, for its customers.  
Grihamitra, which will provide onsite services to the `individual house builders’ segment was launched in Bangalore Mangalore and Belgaum in Karnataka.  
The mobile concrete testing unit is equipped with the latest equipment to test the concrete and the aggregates used at construction sites and is manned by a technically trained customer service engineer from ACC.  
It assists customers by providing simple techniques and tests at the site and educating them about good construction practices. It also assists customers on issues such as silt content in sand, selection of bricks, curing system and control of water-cement ratio, which substantially increases the quality of construction.  
For customers who want to get certain tests done at their site, the mobile unit also has the facility to provide silt test, testing of aggregates, concrete cube test and slump test.  

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