Semen Padang sends cement to Banda Aceh

Semen Padang sends cement to Banda Aceh
25 May 2005

About 1100t of cement produced by PT Semen Padang (West Sumatra) has arrived in Malahayati port, Aceh Besar. The cement arrived at Malahayati as requested by the factory distributor in Aceh, PT Yoga Wibawa. Before, the cement brought through Krueng Guekeuh, Lhoksemauwe.

“This is the first time we brought cement to Malahayati. We will market the cement to Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar areas. We brought it to Malahayati to lower the distribution cost. But we will continue shipment to Lhoksemauwe port to serve market in Lhoksemauwe, North Aceh, and Bireuen,’” said Nasrudin M Noer, director of Yoga Wibawa.

Nasrudin said it would take three days to unload the cements from the ship of KM Unika Semarang. Ask about the price of each sack of cement, Yoga Wibawa’s marketing manager Salihin said it would be priced between 27 and 28,000 rupiah ($2.9).

Today, a sack of cement in Banda Aceh market priced between 28,500 and 29,000 rupiah. Several local leaders has asked government of Aceh to push the price down to normal prices, as in Medan people could get similar cement for only 23,500 rupiah. In Meulaboh, price of cement is being stable but still higher than in Banda Aceh. Cement produced by PT Semen Padang priced at 33,00 rupiah, while cement from Semen Andalas Indonesia is 35,000 rupiah per sacks.

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