New orders for Analyser Systems (ASYS)

New orders for Analyser Systems (ASYS)
21 April 2005

LehhighSouthwest Cement, Redding, California, USA
This plant belongs to the HeidelbergCement group which has now ordered six analyzers from ASYS. The Redding plant will use the EBA unit to analyze all quarry and imported raw materials going to the circular dome preblending pile. It will help achieve the objectives of quarry materials use optimization, MgO control, reducing imported materials utilization, building consistent dome piles and improving raw meal chemical variability.

Golden Bay Cement Co. Ltd., Whangarei, New Zealand
This plant will install automated raw mix control and contracted with FLSmidth Automation to provide one ASYS EBA analyzer with QCX BlendExpert feeder control. It is the fifth ASYS analyzer order from FLSA, and the 16th joint raw mix control project undertaken in five years.
As in all previous installations this automated raw mix control system will reduce the kiln feed chemistry variability to a fraction of current values.

DOMICEM, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
This greenfield cement plant is part of the COLACEM Italy group and expected to commence operations at the end of 2005. The EBA analyzer will analyze the raw mix between the component feeders and the raw mill. A blend control software provided by Colacem will provide the feeder demand outputs for automated blend control.

KAKANJ Cement, Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
This plant is part of the HeidelbergCement group whose plants in Norway, Turkey, Ukraine and the Czech Republic are using ASYS analyzers successfully in preblend and raw mix control applications. The Kakanj plant will also utilize the analyzer for providing frequent minute-by-minute analysis inputs to the blend control system provided by the plant, for automated high frequency control of six raw mix component feeders.

OYSA Çimento, Nidge, Turkey
This plant will install the EBA analyzer between three raw mix component bins and the raw mill. The analyzer will provide minute-by-minute analysis outputs to the ABB raw mix proportioning system RMP for fully automated blend control. The EBA’s ability to analyze accurately under variable and extremely low belt load conditions was one of the key factors in its selection. Further performance enhancement under low belt load is provided by the EBA’s unique adjustable detector assembly allowing it to be brought closer to the material surface on the small belt.

Holcim, Oujda, Morocco
Holcim Maroc will install one ASYS EBA analyzer between the crusher and prehomo pile to control the compositions of the latter. The patented Automatic Belt Load Compensation ABLC will ensure analysis accuracy under the highly variable flow rates coming form the crusher. The analyzer in conjunction with blend software will control the speed of the limestone and clay feeders as well as that of a future additive in order to produce raw mix quality stockpile composition. The piles will be reclaimed and fed to the raw mill without corrections, thus optimizing raw materials utilization while at the same time reducing kiln feed chemistry variability.

Buzzi Unicem, Siniscola, Italy
The Siniscola plant on the island of Sardinia will receive a EBA analyzer to control its raw mix automatically in conjunction with feeder control software. The analyzer will be installed on a 800 mm belt with an average flow rate of 80 tph, and provide real-time analysis outputs for control of four source feeders (clay, limestone, iron ore and sand). This is the second order from the BuzziUnicem group following successful operation of an ASYS analyzer for several years at their Barletta plant.

This is the 50th analyzer sold by ASYS in just over six years since the prototype installation.

Buzzi Unicem (former Hercules Cement), Stockertown PA, USA
This third order from BuzziUnicem is for one EBA analyzer, to be installed in the quarry of this plant in order to monitor all limestone passing through the crusher. Dwindling quarry reserves make the use of medium and high-MgO limestone desirable without running the risk of exceeding MgO limits, a task that can only be accomplished with PGNAA. ASYS has a proven track record of MgO control which is made possible by the unique analytical capabilities of its Spectral Processing Electronics. The analyzer will extend quarry life while at the same time improving compositional consistency in the circular preblending pile.  
Titan America, Pennsuco Plant, Medley FL, USA
After commissioning its first PGNA analyzer at this new plant one year ago, for control of quarry raw materials used for prehomo pile building, ASYS has received an order from FLSmidth for a second analyzer for raw mix control. The new model EBA analyzer will be installed between the raw mix source silos and the raw mill, analyzing the fresh raw mix immediately after its constitution, with minute-by-minute analysis results available before the mix reaches the raw mill. A QCX BlendExpert system will process the frequent analysis inputs from the PGNA analyzer and generate feeder demand signals every few minutes. The five feeders blend a mix of Mill Scale, Blend Rock, High Rock, Bauxite and Fines from aggregate plant. The analyzer will be installed on a 42 inch belt with an average flow rate of 500 stph.

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