New supply chain management for Lafarge India

New supply chain management for Lafarge India
22 November 2004

Peoplesoft has announced that it has successfully deployed PeopleSoft  EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management, Financial Management and Asset Management Solutions in seven months at Lafarge India. PeopleSoft solutions will help Lafarge India synchronise its inbound supply  chain and streamline procurement and inventory management across all company locations. The solutions will also allow Lafarge India to conduct online financial  transactions, leading to improved data integration and coordination between
purchasing and accounting.

"Growth through acquisition means acquiring different business systems and  processes, which reduces optimal synergistic performance. Hence, we were looking for a solution, which could support our vision for an  efficient and integrated online purchasing and accounting systems," said Mr  Shivesh Sinha, Chief Financial Officer, Lafarge.

The implementation of PeopleSoft solutions has helped the company centralise its purchasing and inventory management systems. The initiative is also expected to help Lafarge India to meet with  requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. (Lafarge is likely to benefit  from PeopleSoft’s EnterpriseOne product suite by having real-time access to  information across the organisation leading to improvement in transaction processing, information and transparency.

"The implementation of PeopleSoft solutions will enable Lafarge to better monitor its supply chain cycle by providing accurate, reliable, and quality  data in real time," said Mr Thiru Vengadam, PeopleSoft India Country  Manager.

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