Gebr Pfeiffer AG to supply another mill to China

Gebr Pfeiffer AG to supply another mill to China
22 November 2004

Gebr Pfeiffer AG has received a follow-up order from GMG Tendering Co Ltd., China, to supply an MPS 5300 B vertical roller mill complete with ancillary equipment. The mill is intended for grinding cement raw material at the Tapai Group-owned Huizhou Longmen cement works located in the Chinese province of  Guangdong. With a driving power of 3700 kW, the raw mill will boast a guaranteed production rate of 400tph. The material will be ground to a fineness of 12 % R 80 µm and is intended as feed material for a new rotary  kiln with pre-heater. The Nanjing Cement Design & Research Institute (NCDRI) is in charge of the  planning of the new production line whose production rate will amount to 5000tpd.

Gebr Pfeiffer AG wins repeat business from Turkish customer   RECENT ORDERS
Gebr Pfeiffer AG recently received an order for the supply of a raw mill to Turkey. Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Mersin, Turkey, decided to invest in another  MPS vertical roller mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer AG. This choice was determined  by the years of reliable service the client obtained from mills of this type.

An MPS 2900 raw mill and an MPS 2250 K coal mill have been operating at kiln line II of the Mersin works since 1989. Satisfied with the high level of performance of his mills, the customer ordered another two mills for his kiln line II in 1998, namely an MPS 3350 B for raw meal grinding and an MPS 225 BK for the grinding of lignite, coal and/ or brown coal. The client has now placed a repeat order for an MPS 3350 B raw mill for his  Kayseri works. The mill will boast a capacity of 160tph ground to a fineness of 9 % R 90 µm. During the grinding process, the material will be  dried from a feed moisture of 5 % to a residual moisture of 0.5 % with the
use of process gases. The plant’s design takes into account the approximate erection altitude of 1300m above sea level.

Gebr Pfeiffer AG will be in charge of the process-related aspects of this project and is to supply the core components, that is the mill, the classifier and the feed unit as well as the complete mill fan. Moreover, the company will provide the customer with the manufacturing documents for components to be manufactured locally by the client such as the housing. The erection procedure will be supervised by specialist staff from Gebr.  Pfeiffer AG, whose process specialists will also be in charge of the commissioning.

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