Three Arrested for cement theft

Three Arrested for cement theft
17 November 2004

Police authority in Monrovia has confirmed the arrest of three persons in connection to an alleged dubious act of reducing the quantity of cement produced by CEMENCO from its original size of 50kg, thereby making the public to believe that the corporation was reducing its products to the detriment of its customers.

The suspects were arrested on last Friday on board a truck marked TT-0113 that was conveying cement. According to an investigation conducted by this paper, the three suspects whose name the police declined to release when they were contacted on the issue, were allegedly caught red-handed in the act of pilfering and thereby reducing the size of the 50kg cement bag. Accordingly, their intention was to sell the pilfered loose quantity to some customers under the pretext that it is the original 50kg that has been released for sale to the public by CEMENCO.

CEMENCO’s Administrative Manager Theo Williams refuted reports that his corporation was reducing the quantity of its products, a notion perceived in some quarters. He accused the casual workers on board the various trucks of being responsible stressing that there is a standing officer at the corporation from the Ministry of Commence, who monitors the 50kg of cement produced by the corporation.

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