UK – Environment Agency urges companies for permit applications

UK – Environment Agency urges companies for permit applications
05 December 2003

The Environment Agency (EA) is urging companies to start planning their permit applications for the EU greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme.

Companies affected by the regulations must receive a permit from the EA by 31 March 2004, the deadline for presentation of the National Allocation Plans. To ensure permits are received on time, the agency stresses companies must apply for the permits between 10 November 2003 and 31 January 2004. If failing, companies may not be able to obtain the carbon dioxide allowances by Defra, required to emit the greenhouse gas from 1 January 2005.

The principle behind the trading scheme is called ‘cap and trade’ with the government setting a cap on CO2 emissions, divided between businesses and organisations. The amount they receive is a tradeable allowance. CO2 efficient companies can trade the remainder of ‘unused’ allowance with companies that require an addition to their allowance. The scheme, which starts 1 January 2005, will cover  over 40 per cent of European CO2 emissions.

Japan – 40 Japanese companies to conduct mock CO2 emission rights trades
While Europe is gearing up for its emissions trading scheme, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is set to launch a mock trading of CO2 emission rights.

Participating in this trading scheme are 40 companies, belonging to seven industries and industry associations and representing about 80 per cent of the country’s total CO2 emissions. During the scheme which encompasses 29 trades, auditing companies and environmental standards certification bodies will gauge CO2 emission reductions and emission rights of each of the participants, which include Taiheiyo Cement Corporation. The companies will then trade their emission rights with METI, industry associations and local governments in order to assist the creation of trading rules.

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