RMC Rugby Cement invests in Hi-tech truck fleet

RMC Rugby Cement invests in Hi-tech truck fleet
04 August 2003

RMC Rugby Cement, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cement products, has purchased 115 new Volvo trucks. The order, the largest ever placed with the truck manufacturer, is part of an ongoing investment programme by RMC in its equipment and staff.

Resplendent in the distinctive RMC orange branding, the state-of-the-art units offer drivers the latest technology and in-cab comfort. As well as a more spacious cab, CD-player, night heaters and air conditioning, every truck has a host of technological features including GPS satellite navigation and Telemetry technology, similar to that used in F1 racing cars.

This will help RMC provide a more efficient delivery service to customers, whilst helping to ensure the safety and comfort of the drivers by providing them with some of the most advanced trucks on the road.

The Telemetry technology will enable Rugby Cement to stay in constant contact with each truck. Information such as speed, engine performance and tyre pressure is relayed back from the unit to a central point, where it is analysed to ensure that each truck is working at its optimum level. The data is also used to identify any maintenance problems before they happen, increasing safety and maximising fleet performance.

Rick Sheenan, head of logistic operations, for RMC’s Cement Division said: "The new fleet is great news for our drivers and it represents a significant investment in the future of the fleet.

"The Telemetry technology will enable us to give our customers precise delivery times and progress updates. Because we can monitor the performance of the vehicles we are able to plan maintenance to try and avoid peak delivery times.

"Technical specification was obviously a prime concern but driver comfort and usability was right up there too. We consulted our drivers to find out what they wanted from their cabin before we purchased the new fleet. Our aim was to provide them with the best possible working conditions."

Some 250 drivers have been trained to operate the new cabs through RMC’s partner TNT logistics. The new fleet, which will be used to transport pressurised tankers containing dry powders, will be based at four operating depots across the country, Tilbury, Rugby, Doncaster and South Ferriby.

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