Cemex waste fuel agreement, Mexico

Cemex waste fuel agreement, Mexico
30 January 2012

Cemex has been using waste from Mexico city as part of its production process since last November. The company ships between 500tpd and 600tpd, a figure that could rise to 1000t soon, to feed Cemex's plants in the nearby city of Puebla, 150km east of the capital.  

The agreement between the Federal District (FD) city officials and Cemex came after the closure of the Bordo Poniente waste site, the largest landfill in Latin America, in December because it was full. This resulted in waste accumulating in the streets and also near some tourist areas and historical sites, putting the city in danger of a health crisis until the collection was reorganised and alternative landfills obtained.

Cemex only accepts PET containers, chlorine-free plastics, paper, cardboard, and wood tetrapack, turning them into fuel. The agreement is very advantageous for the company as it is not paying for the waste, and even the transfer is paid by the city government.  "We do not pay anything, the FD government pays the freight cost of MXP140/t (about $ 10) and sends them by trailer," said Eduardo Gonzalez, director of alternative fuels and sustainability of Cemex, to local daily Reforma.

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