Solidia’s CO2-curing technology for reduced water consumption

Solidia’s CO2-curing technology for reduced water consumption
28 April 2014

A white paper on water use in the global production of cement and concrete finds that a savings of 2bnt of water per year could be realised with the adoption of a patented process developed by Solidia

Starting with a sustainable cement, the CO2-curing technology reduces water consumption in the production of concrete up to 80 per cent, carbon emissions up to 70 per cent, and the curing time to one day.

“With Solidia Cementand Solidia Concrete, we can address these environmental challenges with innovative solutions that offer tangible value to manufacturers and inestimable value to the planet.

"Water scarcity and rising CO2 emissions are among the most pressing concerns of our time," commented Solidia's Chief Technology Officer and paper co-author Nicholas DeCristofaro, PhD.

Entitled “Water Savings in Concrete Made from Solidia Cement,” the paper's additional authors include Solidia Technologies Director of Research and Development Vahit Atakan, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist Jitendra Jain, Ph.D., Research Scientist Deepak Ravikumar, Ph.D., and Senior Research Scientist Larry McCandlish, PhD.

The white paper can be downloaded by clicking here.

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