Holcim Mexico to implement biomass firing at Orizaba

Holcim Mexico to implement biomass firing at Orizaba
06 June 2014

Holcim Mexico plans to use biomass from the coffee, paper and brewing industries as energy source for its kilns. The initiative will help the cement producer to reduce its carbon footprint.

The alternative fuel will be used from August onwards in its Orizaba works in Veracruz.

“The reduction of the environmental footprint, which includes the reduction of CO2 emissions, is one of priorities in [Holcim’s] business strategy. The biomass programme seeks to increase the use of alternative fuels and to contribute to this goal by no longer burning fossil fuels,” said Gustavo Gastelúm, Holcim’s external communications director.

To use the biomass as an alternative fuel, the company has installed, via its subsidiary Ecoltec, state-of-the-art technology at Orizaba to dry the organic material employing waste heat from the kilns and prepare it to serve as fuel.

In addition, the burning of biomass in the kilns will also avoid the release of another potent GHG gas, methane.

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