PCA applauds Obama for included infrastructure spend in proposed budget

PCA applauds Obama for included infrastructure spend in proposed budget
04 February 2015

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) applauds President Barack Obama for including substantial funding for the nation's 'crumbling' infrastructure in his 2016 proposed budget plan.

In a statement released yesterday the Association said it has long supported a nationwide plan that would address highways and transportation structures, which are vital to the daily lives of the American public. Key to taking on this large construction project is utilising resilient construction techniques that assures the
longest service life possible.

"It makes no sense to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure that needs to be repaired after less than 10 years when we know how to build sustainable, resilient structures that last for decades," said James G Toscas, president and chief executive officer of PCA. "With the improving economy, the demand on our transportation infrastructure will rise to new heights. We can't continue with a 'business-as-usual' approach and allow one of our nation's most important strategic assets to further degrade just when it's needed most."

PCA notes that nearly 71 per cent of roads in the US are graded fair to poor. While the numbers have remained stable year to year, there is a long-term down trend if proper investments in infrastructure are not made.

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